Puzzled by the tax laws, and you're unsure of which tax credits or deductions to take?
Puzzled by the tax laws, andyou're unsure of which taxcredits or deductions to take?

Our Services

Your tax return will be prepared by one of our tax professionals and then rechecked by one of the experts for accuracy. Any additional tax deductions or credits that might be available to you will be identified. We’ll also identify any potential problems the IRS may look at more closely. We will electronically file your tax return.


We will provide you with a payment option. You will decide on how to pay us. You can choose to pay us by using our bank product, by credit cards and/or by cash. We do not accept check payment from new clients. If we have to accept a check payment, it must be cleared before we can submit the returns to the Internal Revenues.


We can also show you how to adjust your payroll withholding to get more money back in your paycheck each week or at the end of the year. Why give the IRS an interest-free loan for a year? We’ll also show you potential deductions to limit your tax liability for next year. 

Income Tax Preparation Services


Whenever we prepare an income tax return for a client, we see it like it was our own tax retuns. We search for all possible deductions.


If you need a firm tax preparer that truly concern about your business need don't look further, because we take care our own. 


We will pay and file all payroll taxes with the apropriate agencies as recommended by law, and filed the record for up to five year.

Business Registration and Formation

We can file to register your business for you with the appropriate state (s) and the IRS. We can help with almost all kind of business registration and its requirement to be considered as an entity within its State.

Limited - LLC

This is an LLC or Ltd registration.

You have a choice to decide which partnership you want to register with the agency. Pllc, LLC or Ltd. For the federal, you need more ...


Local & International Law

There is two types of corporation you can choose from at the state level. But at there is more at the federal level for tax purpose only.


An organization or an Association

We will help with your 501(c)(3) charity organization application. We will, not just register it as an entity, but as a tax-exempt entity.

Business Consultation

We provide invaluable support for accountancy and business advisory services. We don't just prepare a business plan, we prepare you as the business plan not a couple piece of papers.


When to start your business

We can advise you on when it would be the best time to start the type of business you want to open


Your business location is Vital

A business location is vary vital to a business owner. Let that worry to our business experts.


Starting a business is not Hard

Almost every people in the world conduct business transaction with other without any business savvy.


You decide on how to proceed with a giving advise. It only work if you think it over. Call Us


Whenever you need a lawyer at a good rate, we can help with that. Authorized Associate.


We review and/or amend almost any taxes. We also help with tax planning.


Notarize your legal document while you are awaiting to file your taxes with us.


We keep you safe by keeping your books up to date and store it in a secured place.

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